Vision & Mission
EPCO Precision is distributing varies types of robotics products such as Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), collabrative robots, cobots, Universal Robots, UR, Elfin Robot, Han's Robots, OnRobot, SRT and end of arm toolings for varies industrial application and internal warehousing transportation in Malaysia.
robots, cobots, Universal Robots, UR, Elfin Robot, Han's Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, mir
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ESPO  is to become a recognized automation solution provider by our customers in the factory automation related businesses.


We have always focused on customer satisfaction with our teamwork, professionalism & commitment. To meet our customers’ expectations, we will always ensure that our sales and application department will generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers’ needs.


We are always looking for new and better ways to improve our business relationships. With our continued success and hard work, our vision has become reality!


The charter to the company by then was:



We will try to uphold our philosophy of meeting customers’ requirement through excellent services and supports. Our prior responsibility is to our customers which currently using and will use our products and services in the coming future.


The management of EPCO has a clear concept of what is wish to achieve in the short and long term with the embodiment of commitment, teamwork & professionalism.


In the new millennium, our company is going toward our mission of providing prefect coordination and complete services with optimum resources towards customer satisfaction. With the advance of technological and the best of our human resources, we can become a progressive and innovative solution provider.


Our mission statement is a constant reminder to work towards achieving a common goal. We will continuously provide values to our customers, vendors and employees.